HR для HR

We help companies to develop and implement integrated HR solutions that will drive performance improvement and support the growth of a business, as well as to improve their HR processes, tools and regulation in order to align their Human Resources function with business requirements. 

Managing people: HR processes and tools

  • Complex HRM solution for managing performance, career and succession
  • Management by Competencies
  • Performance management and appraisal
  • Career management
  • Recruitment methodology, processes and tools
  • Career management and career planning tools integrated
  • HR solution Sales Force enhancement

Managing organization and workforce

  • Job evaluation and grade structure
  • Organization and Job design
  • Workforce planning
  • M&A supporting: integration of organization and  workforce; M&A HR strategy

 Compensations and Benefits:

  • Remuneration system Audit
  • Pay Grades development
  • Long term incentive program
  • Performance based rewards
  • Sales Remuneration - remuneration system and incentive programs for CRM-related areas
  • Rewards and recognition programs
  • Development of total compensation system

 HR Function Development

  • Strategic HR priorities and business requirement
  • HR Operational model
  • Performance management HR function
  • Competency model of HR
  • HRIS concept
  • HR processes and procedures

HR Audit

  • Review compliance of HR documentation and internal policies with employment and tax legislation
  • Identification of the financial and administrative risks;
  • Identification of the key talent and organizational risks
  • Identification of the personal, functional, and overall organizational performance drivers
  • Assessment of the Human recourses management related issues and risks
  • HR related cost analysis and the efficiency of Wage Fund
  • Assessment of the efficiency and effectiveness of the HR function