HRM Solution for Sales

Maximizing Sales force power

We work with clients to build the capability and increase performance of their Sales Force presented in Organization by Sales department as well as by other CRM-related areas (Contact Center, Marketing).

We take a holistic approach to Sales talent management, looking at organizational model, performance management, remuneration system, career paths, and competency frameworks as well as management tools and processes.

We develop complex HR solution that will help companies, Sales executives and managers to:

  • provide all critical functions, processes and activities of organization’s Sales function, that will ensure commercial strategy accomplishment.

  • incentivize people and streamline their efforts at a “right” way

  • increase individual and collective performance

  • stay informed regarding the current situation and have an opportunity to take an action, and make a decision regarding clients, sales processes or personnel

Managing human resourses on a daily base sits at the heart of Sales function effectiveness and is therefore of critical importance. There are 5 elements of Sales HRM model we offer:

Sales Organization

Configuration of the Sales function contributes significantly to maintaining results sustainable and further expanding and growing. Based on Company’s Sales strategy, business model, and sales processes, we identify the necessary function’s and activity’ scope and the way of better segregation of functions and roles between Telesales, Sales, Customer Support and Marketing.

We develop detailed functional structure, design department and job profiles, calculate staffing requirements for correct deployment of sales workforce and their activity in order for Sales organization to meet its goals and Channels, Customers, and Product Strategies.

Recruitment Process and toolsAll jobs within CRM related functions are critical for company and its customers, and every single hired individual makes sales-force actually the force. Based on the company operations, staffing plan, and present labour market, we develop the efficient recruitment process, methodology and tools. We involve management in recruitment process, provide them with knowledge, methodologies and useful tools for selecting, hiring, assessing, and promoting people. We support and educate HR professionals. We support managers and HR professionals in their experience of going through recruitment process and making their decisions

We help companies to think and speak a common vocabulary in terms of values and set of criteria by development Sales competency framework and implementing it into HR processes. We define the technical, business and behavioural competencies required in every Sales role at each level. They can be used to benchmark existing talent, recruit people, identify talent gaps and develop structured career paths.

Performance management: Any change in Sales organization or strategy effects the need to align goals, priorities and performance measurement for Sales Function and roles within it. Performance measurement procedures and tools also enable individuals to benchmark themselves against desired competencies for certain roles, helping them to manage  their own career development. We help clients to develop and implement or align KPI’s and activity measures for Sales organization, develop tools for performance measurement, and ensure their linkage with promotion and remuneration policies.

Remuneration system: The effective system of remuneration engage and excite employees and streamline their activity towards their goals.

We help you to build and implement transparent, clear and wise remuneration system linked to both, progress of Sales department and individuals success in achieving their goals.

Structured career paths and  Career planning: In order to create the talent pipeline required for key sales roles, such as key accounts, the organization needs to create structured career paths along which individuals can progress. These could include rotations through key sales roles and secondments to other areas. Individuals aspiring to reach a particular position and can clearly see the future steps that could help them develop the skills, competencies and experience necessary. Transparent career paths help keep employees engaged and motivated, but also give a blueprint for the organization on where critical roles exist, how these can be sourced and an idea on the training and learning interventions required to support this. We help you develop and implement HR practice of managing Career which will direct efforts of both employee’s and their manager’s to maintain high level of performance and development skills, knowledge and competencies of Sales professionals while guiding  them in career development within the organization.

We will help your Sales function to meet the challenging demands of your business and the market you company operates in, and ensure your company’s ability to attract professionals with appropriate skills and competencies, to deploy them in the “right” places, and use great management approaches for driving their ability to attract and retain clients.

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